Bush Lapa Caravan Power System upgrades by PBE


PBE recently upgraded Bush Lapa Caravan Power Systems to the “PBE Spec”.

PBE Bush Lapa Power Panel 6B  panel-8a

All new panels feature a black design, with various options to choose from. See more Bush Lapa Installations in the Caravans Gallery and scroll down to the Bush Lapa gallery
Power System upgrades include:

Heavy Duty PBE 30 Amp and 60 Amp Battery Chargers
– Charging Batteries much faster from Mains 230V AC
– 3-Stage Battery Charging Features, including Boost and Float Charge stages
– High Power Solar Input capability option (300W+)

12 V DC Distribution and Battery Management System
– Including Battery Low Disconnect (Battery Protection)

Custom Power Panels with a large list of options to choose from including:
– Battery Power Level Meters
– Load and Charge Current Meters
– Mains Distribution
– DC Power Distribution Systems
– Various DC Power Plugs including USB Ports
– Water level meters and sensors (with specific design criteria)
– Inverter Power Control and Management Systems

SOLAR POWER (Fixed / Removable Systems)
Fixed or removable Solar Panel options, including portable options to suite your specific needs.

bush-lapa-200w-3 bush-lapa-160w



PBE Bush Lapa Vehicle Charge Connection

Bush Lapa PBE Door LED Light

PBE Bush Lapa Fully Equipped Power Control Panel

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