About PBE


P. B. Enterprises (PBE) was established in 1995 when the doors to Africa opened and the public started exploring Africa with their 4x4s and off road trailers. PBE designed battery charging systems to help provide power to fridges while travelling and added batteries for overnight stops.

Power requirements and more luxury items were added to camping trips over the years, and PBE kept on developing stronger, tougher and more powerful battery systems to keep up with user power demands.

PBE was soon asked to develop a neat and powerful solution for the Brakhah Ingonyama off road caravans. From there, PBE took up the challenges the off road community brought.

Today, there are so many solutions and possibilities, customised systems, budget systems to higher end systems, even military power systems and military ambulance power systems.

PBE was and is still known for being able to sort out any power requirement. From a simple dual battery system to more complex power management and control systems, PBE is the place to go if you want it sorted.


If one thing is sure, it is that our clients want high performance systems and high reliability. It is easy to be the cheapest power systems supplier, going with the mainstream design ideas and modern “fashion accessories”. Being the best, making sure that you can send a client into Africa knowing he will enjoy his trip with the correct power system, to be the most reliable, performing system, having the best quality systems, not determined by the lowest price, but being the best, that makes PBE work.


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