Dual Battery Systems

PBE Dual Battery Wiring Diagram 1
PBE Dual Battery Systems are known for:

High Power Battery Charging – Faster Charging
High Reliability
High Quality Components
Easy operation

See our Installations Galleries (Vehicles) to see specific vehicle installations done

Dual Battery Systems can be installed as:

Engine Mounted Battery System
Fixed / Portable Battery Box System
Trailer / Caravan Battery Charging System
Combination of above systems

Standard Dual Battery System charging rates available:

20 – 22 Amp
25 – 28 Amp
30 – 35 Amp
38 – 45 Amp (usually for 2 – 4 auxiliary batteries to be charged)
45 – 50 Amp (usually for 2 or more auxiliary batteries to be charged)

From a smaller single auxiliary battery system, to a quad battery system, to a battery charging system consisting of 8 auxiliary batteries (our largest system in the category to date), PBE can design the proper, adequate and safe battery system for your application.

Various accessories and features are available with battery systems. More info will be added soon.



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