Solar Power Systems (Outdoor)

bush-lapa-200w-3bush-lapa-160wPBE Bush Lapa Solar Power System (2) PBE Conqueror Commander Solar System 1Outdoor Solar Power Systems
Caravan Solar Power Systems
Trailer Solar Power Systems
General Camping Solar Power Systems
PBE design, manufacture & install various solar power systems on caravans, trailers, vehicles etc.

Fixed installations & removable installations are available.

We design the system according to customer power requirements.

We have portable solar power kits available as well. Possibilities are endless as we custom design a package to suite your needs!

For the best outdoor and camping solar power solution or application, contact us today!

Toyota LC70 Solar Panels 1

PBE Conqueror Commander Solar System 4PBE Conqueror Commander Solar System 3
PBE Conqueror Companion Solar

PBE Ford Ranger T6 Canopy Solar Installation

Canopy Aluminium Solar Storage with 4x135 PanelsPBE Brakhah Ingonyama Solar PBE Brakhah Ingonyama Solar (2)
PBE Brakhah Ingonyama Solar (3) Brakhah Ingonyama Solar 2x135WPBE CONQUEROR COMMANDER 2x80 solar framePBE Brakhah Ingonyama Solar Panel roof frames 1PBE Brakhah Ingonyama Solar Panel Addition 1